How To Calculate OAU Post UTME Screening And Aggregate Score 2018/2019

Here is a little break down in details how your Post UTME is graded and then combined with your O’level to Give you your total Aggregate.

The FIRST RESULT SLIP printed was based on an AGGREGATE SCORE.

The POST-UTME AGGREGATE SCORE is computed as follows A = UTME-SCORE(over 400) divided by 8

B = TOTAL O-LEVEL SCORE divided by 5


POST-UTME AGGREGATE SCORE (100%) = (A + B + C)/100 x 100%

The NEW RESULT SLIP is based on the POST-UTME SCREENING SCORE only, this is a portion of the POST-UTME AGGREGATE SCORE.

The POST-UTME SCREENING SCORE is computed as follows

A = TOTAL O-LEVEL SCORE divided by 5


POST-UTME SCREENING SCORE (100%) = (A + B)/50 x 100%

Candidates will notice a CHANGE in their SCORES because the first print out is an AGGREGATE SCORE, while the second is a SCREENING SCORE.

Candidates must score at least 50% in the POST-UTME SCREENING SCORE to be considered for admission The POST-UTME AGGREGATE SCORE (which has UTME score considered) will be used for placement in FACULTIES and DEPARTMENTS

See you soon in school.

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