7 TIPS To Help You Score Higher In Post UTME

Like the slogan “its not over until it is over”. Despite preparing against and overcoming Jamb, you have to beat the following stage which is to pass the Post UTME/Pre- Admission screening to be completely considered as a bonafide Undergraduate of any of the institutions in Nigeria.

The case is not generally with passing pillar; it is in passing the Post UTME Screening Exercise Examination composed by the University of your Choice. Presently, this is a guide on the best way to pass Post UTME Screening Exercise Examination in any college of your choice.

7 TIPS To Help You Score Higher In Post Utme

1. MAKE SURE YOU GO THROUGH THE EXAM SYLLABLES: Most students don’t read until the point that the exam is drawing nearer before they become bookworm, you are not helping yourself. Holding up till few weeks or days to examination is a show of unseriousness

There are individuals who will begin preparation two weeks to exams and make it, however, kindly don’t attempt it; you might be surprised it doesn’t work out for you that way.

2. STUDY POST UTME PAST QUESTIONS: It is quintessential of a visionary student that you dive in and get an aggregated duplicate of the college’s past questions and answers. This is critical as it enlarges your reasoning personnel, uncovering the degree and system by which examinations are set and how to answer the questions without getting thrown out of balance.

This is additionally fundamental as past Questions is normally similar to an expo helping you comprehend the edge from which possible questions may originate from, however a few questions are generally repeated, it is imperative to peruse all through taking note of essential focuses.

3. CHECK THE SCHOOL CUT OFF MARK: Before you even apply for Post UTME Screening Exercise, you should ensure your score is above your school of choice Cut off mark before you apply.

A few Universities cut off mark is generally 200 like UNN, UI, Uniben and different institution while others may differ, ranging from 160 – 180. You should be certain with your score; you can apply for Post UTME Examination and stand a possibility of getting admitted.

In the event that you don’t know, you are advised to get a Change of Course/institution Form before the due date. Have updated information about the school, so you realize what you’ll hope to see and won’t be unnerved when you do. If a Candidate with 200 gets a higher score in the Post UTME than that of an applicant with 321, then the later will be considered for admission in front of the last mentioned.

4. DROP THE FEAR: This is one of the most important law you must obey, yes, i mean getting rid of your fear, in fact i put it to you that getting rid of your fear and tension is the beginning of your success in your Post UTME. It is popularly placed that fear is an acronym for – False Evidence Appearing Real.

Examinations in Nigeria are always over hyped, For the fact you wrote jamb and scored above your school of choice Cut off then you can also score higher than your department requirement in your upcoming Post UTME exam.

Just stay focus, study diligently and success will be yours.

5. APPLY FOR POST UTME EXAMINATION: While applying, keep your alternatives clear and concentrated on what you need and put it all on the line. Become acquainted with the scene for your exam/screening and keep your examination date at the back of your brain or on an uncommon diary so you remember on the grounds that in the event that you miss your date, that is prompt disappointment, no turning back.

6. ON THE DAY OF YOUR EXAM: You are encouraged to arrive sooner than required on your Examination date. In the event that you live a long way from the exam town, you are relied upon to arrive your exam town before the date, hold up some place safe and get ready for the exam. When you arrive sooner than required, it’ll give you an opportunity to find your lobby and get settled.

7. CONCENTRATE ON THE EXAM: In the examination corridor, make it your business to center, slight anything that may distract you. Try not to be distracted. Be exhaustive and go through the questions more than once seeing each before noting and don’t be in a hurry to submit, experience your work again to redress the mistakes previously made.

See you in school.

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