6 Vital Things To know and Avoid While Registering For Post UTME

It is no longer news that various institutions have already began the process of sales and registration of Student for their Post UTME Screening.

Institutions such as UNN, UNIPORT, OOU, UNIBEN and others has began registration, what does this tell you?, well i believe you know the answer to that already.

Here are certain mistakes you must avoid while registering for Post UTME, these mistake can Jeopardize your entire Admission Process. In as much as you want to register for your Post UTME quickly, its vital to note these few things

A lot of students make mistakes whenever they are registering for post UTME online. This post will shed more light on the mistakes and corrections to them.

Your Name Must Be Spelt Correctly This is one of the most common mistake made by aspirant while registering for JAMB and this has ended up terminating a lot of admission from student. These information includes..

1. Wrong name Structure:

The name on your O’level result must be exactly the same with that on your School portal while registering for Post UTME/Screening. Some Student will use Amune F. Simpa on their O’level result but use Amune Francis Simpa while registering for screening.

This little mistake can affect your admission, if not properly handled, the F. on your name could mean anything, so if you use F. in your O’level then it must be constant in all your Admission processing

2. Wrong Date of Birth:

This can also affect your Admission, ensure to use the right date of birth while registering for all your Exam, else you will have to swear an Affidavit.

3. Ensure Your Name Corresponds to that On Your Birth Cert, O’level and JAMB Yes! I have seen series of cases where student use names like Iseguan Leo Osemudiame in their O’level – WAEC and end up using Iseguan Leonard Osemudiame during JAMB registration. This is a mistake you really don’t want to make speaking from experience.

This will be a very big problem to you either during your Post UTME registration or your Clearance after being admitted. Also, you should arrange the name in the same way it was arranged in your birth certificate and other vital documents.

4. Ensure the required Passport background and size is uploaded during your Post UTME, its important.

5. Input Your Correct O’level Result This shouldn’t be a new thing to aspirants , although it might be intentional or a mistake, either both sides, it is a big offence. As at 2017, many newly admitted students who were caught in the act were sent home after being admitted. I know you don’t want to be in that same situation, then do the right thing.

6. Register with A good Cyber Center It is important you register with someone who has been doing this for a long time, therefore the person becomes experienced and knows what to and what not to Do.

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